JamPlay Review

JamPlay is one of the best available online guitar lesson providers. It is relatively new in the market compared to its close competitors but it has made a name for itself in a very short period. It has been one of the fastest growing guitar lesson websites. With its mission to “get you playing guitar well enough to play with and in front of other people” JamPlay has made learning guitar very simple. Read the Japmplay review to find out what makes it so special.

Best Jamplay Review

JamPlay –what does it offer?

There have been more than 325,000 subscribers who have got their guitar lessons from Jamplay. All the lessons are delivered as HD videos. With a large team of guitar instructors for both acoustic and electric guitars,the site offers around 5423 lessons. Not just that, the team at JamPlay keep adding 11 hours of new lessons every month. This means that you always have something new to learn. Their collection of lessons is, in fact, one of the largest offered by online guitar lesson websites. JamPlay has a team of 80 highly skilled teachers. This is a bigger team than most of its competitors and it means that the students get the widest exposure to the best guitar lessons online.

Device compatibility:

The guitarist also gets interactive learning materials, with his subscription, which work smoothly on all the devices. JamPlay is sleekly optimized for a variety of devices like the iPhone, iPad, Android mobiles and tablets, PC, Mac, Amazon Kindle Fire, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and more.
How is JamPlay better than most other players in this field?

Here are some of the best aspects about JamPlay that make the membership worth every penny:

· The simple lessons for beginners- even if it is the very first time you are picking your guitar, the beginner’s lessons from JamPlay would give you all the confidence you need to begin well. The lessons, on the whole, are well structured and easy to understand.
· Users also have a choice to follow their choice of teachers. With such a large number of teachers to choose from, they could choose someone whose style they find easy to follow.
· The genre lessons are meant for such a time when you have gained some confidence in playing your instrument. There are a set of skill-building lessons if you wish to focus more on honing your guitar skills. There are also genre- based lessons if you wish to focus on a specific style of music.
· The song lessons offered by this site are also some of the best in their class. The users also have the option to request any song tutorial in the members’ forum.
· JamPlay offers a 7-day money back guarantee for its members. If, within 7 days of subscription, you don’t find JamPlay suiting your requirements, you could always ask for a refund of your subscription amount.
· The site offers a free trial option. So even before you spend for the subscription you could get the feel of how the actual lessons would be.
· Membership subscription offers some added benefits like live discussion option with the guitar teachers and live lessons in addition to those already available. This can bridge the gap between online guitar tuition and a real world guitar class.
· Besides the best in class guitar lessons, JamPlay also offers an exclusive set of bass lessons directly from the studios.


Looking at the features and with hardly anything negative to write about, it goes without saying that this is the best guitar lesson websites there is.